How We Came to Know the Cosmos

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“I wouldn’t hesitate to use this as a course textbook. Concise delivery, light handling of big issues, and up-to date.”

Professor Silas Laycock, University of Massachusetts

“Can’t put it down. A great piece of writing!

Klus identifies the key ideas in a vast array of scientific topics and explains each of them with succinct yet engaging prose. These books are comprehensive in scope, at least touching on almost every topic known to physical science and often digging much deeper. The discussion is simultaneously accessible enough for young science enthusiasts seeing the subjects for the first time and sophisticated enough for professionals to pick up new insights at the periphery of their expertise.”

- Dr Sean P Robinson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

How We Came to Know the Cosmos: Space and Time

Last updated 1 January 2020 by Dr Helen Klus

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